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The State Government has set up Jharkhand State Mineral Development Corporation Limited with the following roles:

  • To acquire, take mining lease, prospecting license, reconnaissance permit, acquire mines, beneficiation plants, concentration and refining plants, acquisition reclamation and improvement of railways, tramways, roads, sewerage, drainage, power supply work, power generation plants, irrigation tube-wells, canals, water works, water reservoir, surface water rights.

  • To work on mines and mining rights acquired by it for crushing, quarrying, smelting, refining, dressing, marketing and prepare other value added products from ores, metals, mineral substance, carry out metallurgical operations.

  • To provide technical consultancy services in exploration, mining, process engineering, manufacturing, operating data, plants and other related matters.

  • To encourage joint ventures in the State, Union Territory, other States and abroad with private concerns or corporate bodies in the field of reconnaissance, mapping, prospecting, detailed exploration, mining, beneficiation, metallurgy, mineral processing, manufacture of products, civil construction on mines, power plants and other activities related to its objectives.

  • To enter into long-term agreement for supply of minerals, coal, coal bed methane, processed ore, minerals, raw materials, rocks on long term basis by the said joint ventures or independently.
  • To construct mine entries and carry out all civil work related to mining.


With 18 Executives and 270 staffs, JSMDC has a dedicated team of technical personnel like Geologists, Mines Manager, Mining Engineers, Surveyors, Draftsmen, etc. Hence it is in a position to develop any mine/mineral in scientific, economic & systematic manner.


Board of Directors

Shri Aboobacker Siddique P. (I.A.S)
Chairman cum Managing Director JSMDC Ltd. &
Mines Commissioner, Dept. of Industry, Mines & Geology
Govt. of Jharkhand, Ranchi

Shri Ajay Kumar Singh (I.A.S)
Director JSMDC Ltd. & Secretary
Department of Labour, Employment & Training
Govt. of Jharkhand, Ranchi

Shri Sukhdeo Singh (I.A.S)
Director JSMDC Ltd. & Additional Chief Secretary
Department of Planning cum Finance
Govt. of Jharkhand, Ranchi

Shri Indu Shekhar Chaturvedi (I.A.S)
Director JSMDC Ltd. & Additional Chief Secretary
Department of Forest & Environment
Govt. of Jharkhand, Ranchi

Shri K. K. Soan (I.A.S)
Director JSMDC Ltd. & Secretary
Department of Revenue and Land Reforms
Govt. of Jharkhand, Ranchi

Independent Directors

Dr. Purusottam Sen
Professor, Finance & Control
Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Shri Subir Chandra
Director (Tech./P&P), CCL

JSMDC Officials

JSMDC Officials with their Designation and Phone Nos.

Officers Name / DesignationTelephone /
Mobile Number
Shri Aboobacker Siddique P. (I.A.S)
Mines Commissioner, Dept. of Industry, Mines & Geology
Chairman cum Managing Director, JSMDC Ltd., Govt. of Jharkhand, Ranchi
0651-2491842 (O)
0651-2491916 (F)
Shri Shankar Kumar Sinha
General Manager (Mines)
0651-2491807 (O)
9431107161 (M)
Shri Chandra Mohon Paul
General Manager (Finance)
0651-2490118 (O)
8013358359 (M)
Shri Lalit Kumar
Deputy Director, Mines (Incharge)
& Incharge Sand & Mica
8340508029 (M)
Shri Pravir Kumar
Geologist cum Incharge, I/c Coal Trading Cell, I/c, Benti, Salhan
0651-2490430 (O)
0651-2542197 ((R)
Shri Ramesh Kumar Singh
Deputy Commercial Manager, I/c Establishment, I/c Vehicle 
0651-2491837 (O)
9431595514 (M)
M/s Y. Jain & Associates
Company Secretary
9386923546 (M)
9431174484 (M)
Shri D.P. Singh
Second Class Mines Manager (Metal) & I/c Patal East, Legal, House Keeping & Land Acquisition
9835362587 (M)
9955981553 (M)

Shri Suresh Kumar
1st Class Assistant Manager (Coal), Sikni Coal Project, Latehar
7761966409 (M)
Shri Badri Thakur
2nd Class Assistant Manager (Coal), Sikni Coal Project, Latehar
9431392370 (M)
Md. Syed Majid Nasim
2nd Class Assistant Manager (Coal), Sikni Coal Project, Latehar
8235405323 (M)
9431993856 (M)
Shri Yogesh Kumar Singh
2nd Class Assistant Manager (Coal), Sikni Coal Project, Latehar
8986782225 (M)
Shri A.B. Saynayam
Mechanical Engineer, Mines Agent, Sikni Coal Project, Latehar
9431338450 (M)
Shri Ashok Kumar
Mines Agent, Medininagar Project, Palamu
9431575546 (M)
Shri Umesh Kumar Singh
Mines Agent, Benti Limestone Project, Ranchi, Chelangi Granite Project
8409787071 (M)
Shri Arvind Kumar
Mines Agent, Kyanite Project, Bahragora, East Singhbhum
9470104651 (M)
Dr. O.P. Singh
Plant Incharge, Tupudana Granite Plant, Ranchi
9934324872 (M)
Shri Ajay Kumar Singh
Project Incharge, Koderma/Saphi Mica Project, Koderma
7070976877 (M)